Episode #461: Client Faith & Spirituality, feat. Whitney Owens

In today's podcast, Allison & guest Whitney Owens, LPC discuss how to ask clients about their faith, how to work with people who have different beliefs, plus the alignment between effective treatment & tenants of many religions. 

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About Whitney Owens, LPC:

When I started my private practice, I knew that faith would be an important aspect of the business. To me, being a Christian means living in such a way that my faith impacts my personal life and work life. I knew that I could not run a successful practice without faith being a cornerstone of the business. Overtime, I have met other practice owners who feel the same way. This is the very reason I started faith-based private practice coaching.

Faith-based practice owners face a unique set of challenges. There can be guilt over making profit or setting rates that match your level of expertise and then offering that to the faith community. Or, it is difficult to hire therapists that understand the mission and vision of your practice. And, sometimes churches and other faith-based organizations do not understand why counseling is important. It is important that we address these challenges and more which is why I became a Christian private practice coach.