Episode #467: Using Tech For Better Clinical & Practice Outcomes, feat. Danny Freed

In today's podcast, guest Danny Freed joins Allison to explain Blueprint, which helps clients achieve treatment goals 50% faster, plus therapists' discomfort with tech & how to address it.

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About Blueprint:

Blueprint is a modern way for clients to stay connected and confident in care. We help clinicians help clients get better faster using measurement-based care. Decades of research and dozens of peer-reviewed studies show this approach makes care more effective and efficient. We focus on making it easy and accessible for more people. Mental health care is a journey – and a non-linear one for most. Our tools empower clients to track their progress, work on skills between sessions, and maintain confidence through the inevitable ups and downs of care.

Blueprint helps clinicians quickly get up to speed on how a client is progressing, where to start the conversation, and provides in-session guidance on how to run evidence-based interventions effectively. After a session concludes, Blueprint auto-generates part of a SOAP note so clinicians can spend less time documenting and more time with clients.

Assessments: Automatically assign, administer, and score 250+ screeners and outcome measures

Worksheets: Assign digital homework for clients to work on skills between sessions.

Interventions: Guided interventions to deliver evidence-based care at fidelity.